3 Ways Hotel Marketing Automation Boosts Efficiency

April 16, 2015 Carolyn Murphy

The battle for the attention of your guests has never been more intense. Fortunately hotel marketers are finding a few ways to help ease their efforts to retain customers.

Hotel marketing automation is one of those effective digital balms.

The key is, through timing and segmentation, hoteliers can gain valuable insight which leads to more effective campaigns, based on real guest data. Here are three ways hotel marketing automation has enabled a new level of analytic strategy.

Save time on repeat campaigns

Hotel marketers can save valuable time by automating repeat campaigns. This reduces repetitive functions that keep marketers tied to their email management systems.

For example, if a hotel sees opportunity in its inventory for upgrades, they’ll want to offer this opportunity to incoming guests to drive more revenue. What if, instead of manually sending out this email based whether or not the inventory was available the marketing team could automate this campaign? With an email system that is integrated with the hotel’s PMS, it is possible to automatically send an upgrade offer to incoming guests.

The result? More revenue for the hotel, PLUS hotel marketers with more time to focus on other marketing effots, PLUS incoming guests who are impressed with the hotel’s level of attention.

Offer tailored messages

Marketing automation isn’t just a time saver. It also helps hotels enhance their messages to specific guest profiles.

An automated solution can continuously receive information related to customer activities such as purchase history and habits. Marketers can then use this activity-related data in the future, to develop targeted offers based on real guest data.

Get to know your guests

Marketing automation encourages accurate analytics for understanding how your guests interact with your hotel, by collecting information like email link clicks, purchase history, reasons for the stay, social media data, and more. Instead of creating generic campaigns based on the hotel’s motivations, hotel marketers can now consider a range of data, to hit the right guest with the right message at the right time.

For example, a generic message might be sent to all contacts, “Book now and receive a complimentary appointment with our award-winning spa!” regardless of context. But, with the right data and the right automation solution, a hotel marketer can marry different data points and target specific guests with specific behavioral attributes. For example, past guests who have previously booked with the spa: “Remember that massage at our award-winning spa? Come stay with us again and receive a complimentary appointment.”

Efficiency comes into play for this reason: Targeted marketing emails produce 30% more opens and 50% more click-throughs than undifferentiated campaigns. And, 76% of all email marketing revenue comes from more advanced practices than generic broadcast email.

Translation? By automating your marketing messages, you’re sending smarter campaigns that drive higher ROI. And, with set-it-and-forget it campaigns like the upgrades campaign to incoming guests, it takes zero extra time to do it. Incorporating hotel marketing automation into your guest communications strategy can be a great path for increasing analytic capability, and ultimately increasing sales.

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