Data-Driven Tips for Survey Success in Asia Pacific

March 21, 2018 Prachi Gupta

We recently shared the analysis of more than eight million survey responses from over 3,500 global hotel customers to understand what drives survey completion rates. This time around, we’re focusing on survey responses across more than 1,100 hotel customers in the APAC region to understand any differences compared with the global averages.

With all the different ways hotels collect guest feedback, post-stay surveys are the best method to gather structured, verified feedback. This then allows hotels to devote time and focus to areas that need improvement at their properties. The problem is, getting guests to actually complete surveys can be a difficult task and often requires endless hours of A/B testing to ensure results.

After crunching the numbers for APAC, we’re sharing tips and recommendations for hotels in-region to optimize their survey response rates.



APAC hotels receive a 17% survey completion rate, which is average, considering hotels in North America get a 19% completion rate and hotels in EMEA get a 16% completion rate. Latin America hotels also receive a 24% survey completion rate, as cited in the global analysis.

In terms of guest engagement with surveys, APAC seems to be lagging behind North America, according to the data. Of survey emails that are sent, APAC hotels see a 45% open rate, versus 52% in North America, which helps to explain the higher completion rate in North America.


How can APAC hotels improve their survey results?

Best Time to Send

The time that a customer receives a survey can make the difference between a completed survey and one that is ignored. Surveys sent between 1300 and 2000 Singapore Time (SGT) have the highest completion rate at 21%. Only 10% of people complete surveys that are sent between 2100 and midnight SGT.

Best Day to Send

If you want the highest likelihood of getting a response on your survey, send it a day after your guest checks out. 22% of guests will complete a survey if sent within one day after checkout. Wait four days and your response rate drops to 18%.

Best Length

When it comes to conditional questions, the best response rate occurs when you ask 10-25 conditional questions. But if you’re looking for open-ended responses, we were unable to find any substantial difference in completion rate until there are 50+ questions.

Reminder Emails

If you’re wondering whether or not to send reminder emails, the answer is a resounding yes, according to our data. 19% of people who receive survey reminder emails complete them. Without a reminder email, only 12% of people complete the survey.


While these tips don’t take the place of a regimented testing strategy, knowing what works for other properties in your region is a great benchmark and starting point. Need advice and best practices on your guest survey program and strategy? A Revinator is always available to help!

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