Top Performing Pre-Arrival Upsell Campaigns

November 13, 2017 Erica Rich

You're a Revinate Marketing insider.  And that means you play an instrumental role in driving direct revenue to your hotel/s. There is perhaps no better way to drive ancillary revenue to your bottom line than through pre-arrival upsell campaigns in which you offer your incoming guests the opportunity to enhance their stay though room upgrades and amenity add-ons. Revinate Marketing customers generate thousand of dollars each month just through this one campaign. 


If you haven't already enabled your upsells and need a little inspiration to help get you started, here is a look at our favorite, top performing pre-arrival upsell campaigns (listed in no particular order)


Hotel: Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront, Vancouver

Subject Line: Only 5 days until your trip to Vancouver!

[GUEST FIRST NAME], Enhance your stay!

Schedule: 5 days before check-in, 1 day before check-in

Campaign Results: 61% open rate, 20% click-through rate


Hotel: Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa, New Hampshire
Subject Line: Upgrade your stay!
Schedule: 6 days before check-in
Campaign Results: 61% open rate, 26% click-through rate



Hotel: Oceana Beach Hotel
Subject Line: About your upcoming stay at Oceana Beach Hotel
Schedule: 3 days before check-in
Campaign Results: 64% open rate, 14% click-through rate



Hotel: The Vendue, Charleston
Subject Line: Enhance your upcoming stay 
Schedule: 12 days before check-in, 3 days before check-in
Campaign Results: 73% open rate, 47% click-through rate




Hotel: Watermark Hotel & Spa Gold Coast, Australia 
Subject Line: Welcome to Watermark, [GUEST FIRST NAME]
Schedule: 4 days before check-in 
Campaign Results: 57% open rate, 27% click-through rate

Hotel: The Marker, Dublin 
Subject Line: We look forward to welcoming you to The Marker Hotel
Schedule: 3 days before check-in
Campaign Results: 49% open rate, 15% click-through rate


Hotel: NoMo SoHo, New York City 
Subject Line: Welcome to NoMo SoHo | Upgrade Offer Inside
Schedule: 2 days before check-in
Campaign Results: 67% open rate, 47% click-through rate

For support with setting up your upsells and upgrades, please watch this video or contact one of our hospitality email marketing strategists

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Erica Rich

Erica Rich is the Sr. Hospitality Marketing Strategist at Revinate and is responsible for maximizing customer success through the education and adoption of hotel email marketing best practices. As the developer and instructor of Revinate's Email Marketing Certification for Hoteliers, Erica has traveled around the world, educating hoteliers on how to become effective email marketers. She joined the Revinate team in July 2015 and is based at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, California.

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