Top Hotel Marketing Subject Lines for May 2018 - North America

April 19, 2018 Daisy Tran

We know how tricky writing subject lines can be. We “professors” at Revinate University have been hard at work to uncover subject line insights to help inspire your next campaigns.

Each month, we’re bringing you the best-performing subject lines achieved by our North American hotel customers from the same time last year. Check out last May’s top five below:


top monthly subject lines - may north america infographic


1. Subject line: Summer in the City

Open rate: 40%

Why we love it: Builds enthusiasm for the upcoming summer season.


2. Subject line: Memorial Day Weekend at…

Open rate: 31%

Why we love it: Highly relevant, as it leverages the upcoming holiday weekend. 


3. Subject line: [GUEST FIRST NAME], We Miss You! Come Back for Up to 35% Off

Open rate: 28%

Why we love it: Very personal, and we always love a good 'We Miss You' campaign to re-engage long-lost guests.


4. Subject line: Hotel Happenings in May

Open rate: 27%

Why we love it: Generates enthusiasm and interest for the month ahead. 


5. Subject line: Mother’s Day Gift Idea & FREE surprise for Mom

Open rate: 26%

Why we love it: Inspires recipients with what to get mom for Mother’s Day. “FREE” (in all caps) is always a great eye-magnet word, too.


That's a wrap on the top hotel marketing subject lines for May, based on Revinate's North American customer data. We'll be back next month with the top subject lines for June to inspire your next batch of campaigns. Now go on and get writing!


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