The Five Pillars of Hotel Email Marketing

February 7, 2018 Daisy Tran

As one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to generate direct bookings, email marketing is a tried and true solution that is essential to a hotel's success in driving revenue.


To help make you the hero at your hotel, we break down the five essential pillars of email marketing below. Keep reading to learn how to optimize your hotel's email marketing strategy.


The Five Pillars of Hotel Email Marketing:

  1. Motivation: It all starts with motivation. The most successful hotel email marketing campaigns are driven by strategy, data, and perhaps most importantly, motivation. This may surprise you, but it's this desire to go above and beyond expectations that we have seen produce wildly successful results with email marketing. So before you begin crafting any email campaign, pretend like you are an actor and ask yourself, "What's my motivation?"
  2. Strategy: Motivation is high. Now it’s time to get strategic. To build an email marketing strategy, consider such factors as demand, seasonality, and market conditions. Things move fast, so plan to update your strategy every quarter (and impress your team with how proactive you are!)
  3. Data: We get it. The temptation to blast a 'one-size-fits-all' campaign is real. But the truth is there is no such thing. Rather, it's more like 'one-size-fits-none.' The solution? Leverage your property management system (PMS) data to send relevant and customized content that your guests genuinely care about, and you'll be rewarded with the results. Next time you are tempted to blast your entire database, keep this in mind... Revinate Marketing customers who use data to build Smart Guest Segments achieve 20% higher open rates, 70% higher click-through rates, and 73% higher revenue per recipient versus non-segmented campaigns. Segmentation really works!
  4. Creation & Execution: When creating an email campaign, consider elements such as headlines, copy, and image. Be consistent with your brand. You'll also want to incorporate personalization filters, social sharing buttons, and CTA buttons. CTA buttons, which often lead the recipient to the next stage of the funnel, need to be clear, concise, and visually enticing. Spend some time creating the perfect subject line to ensure high open rates. Finally, before pressing send, be sure to take advantage of Revinate's Email Marketing Campaign Checklist.
  5. Performance & Insights: Last but not least, track and analyze campaign performance metrics, including open rates, click-through rates, revenue, and even unsubscribes. Email is a forgiving medium, so don't be afraid to test & learn and use the data to keep improving your email marketing efforts over time. It's a marathon, not a sprint! (and you will drive a ton of direct bookings in the process)


Revinate Marketing makes it easy for you to excel at each of email marketing's five pillars. Learn more


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