New for Revinate Marketing™: Corporate-Level Functionality for Hotel Management Groups

June 7, 2016 Diana Helander

How can you gather and use guest insights to positively impact revenue? Without a CRM or marketing automation, it's hard to consolidate data that helps you anticipate your guests' needs or personalize your guest marketing campaigns. How much direct revenue could you drive if you could easily identify and target guests for specific promotions?

In the video below, Provenance Hotels, a Revinate Marketing™ customer, describes how using a CRM and marketing automation platform provides campaign revenue tracking. Thanks to the Revinate Rich Guest Profile™, the platform also allows Provenance to segment guest marketing and provide their hotels with the ability to deliver superior service while guests are on site.

Provenance uses these insights to drive revenue and operational insights to provide guest experiences that delight and increase loyalty. One of their hotels in Seattle created a promotional campaign for tickets to a night out at the theatre by targeting past guests interested in theatre who also lived within driving distance of the hotel. The result was that all of the tickets and rooms were sold and the hotel succeeded in engaging and providing value for loyal guests.

Until now, these benefits have only been available for individual properties. Today, we are delighted to announce the release of new, corporate-level functionality for Revinate Marketing. Management groups and brands can now collect, access and leverage guest data from across multiple properties to better understand, serve and market to guests, increasing client satisfaction, loyalty and revenue. Imagine how easy it will be to target your most profitable and loyal guests, now that you can see a guest’s total stays and spend across all your properties.

We’re excited to see how our customers will capitalize on the guest insights uncovered by this new functionality. There’s much more to come, and stay tuned for new features in the coming months! If you would like to see any features highlighted on this blog, please let us know by emailing

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