[Infographic] The Hotel Industry of 2020

February 16, 2017 Thomas Landen
Today’s hotels are facing an increase in rapidly developing technology and ever more demanding customers. But what do we expect the guest of 2020 to look like and what technology do hoteliers need to have in order to keep up with the changing guest expectations? To answer these questions Revinate partnered with IDeaS and SiteMinder for a recent roundtable and online survey with leading hoteliers from across the world. We asked their opinion on the future of hotel technology and what they thought the industry of 2020 would look like?
While today’s hoteliers anticipate the guest of 2020 will be a highly-sophisticated bunch of ‘digital natives’, their own plans for technology remain stuck in the early 2000s. That is the startling finding of research carried out by Dr. Peter O’Connor, titled ‘The Hotel Industry of 2020’. “The combined research explored the theme of the guests of 2020 as well as the technology-based systems that hotels will need to cater for their needs” says Peter O’Connor, Professor at ESSEC Business School. “We wanted to hear directly from hoteliers what they thought about how the future traveler would look and what measures they took to prepare for these guests.” 
The graphic showcases the results of the survey and roundtable events and is full of valuable data about what hoteliers expect the guest will demand in 2020, what technology the hotel industry will rely on and what obstacles there are to reach happy guest.
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