Buyable Pins: What Hoteliers need to know

July 14, 2015 Carolyn Murphy

Many hotels find Pinterest to be a great way to connect with guests and build brand affinity. We’ve talked in the past about how hotels can build a community on Pinterest.

Additionally, according to a 2014 Aha!logy media consumption study, 38% of all active Pinterest users have bought something because they saw it on the site. 64% of daily users try a new Pinterest-inspired activity once a month.

Now it’s clear that Pinterest is not just an ideal place to find those active doers and early adopters that love to try and buy new things. Pinterest has also recently thrown its hat into the social commerce arena by announcing the launch of buyable pins.

According to GWI, just over 7 in 10 Pinterest users are buying products online, showing that the majority of the site’s audience is already comfortable engaging with e-commerce.

Even more significantly, social commerce is the joint top purchase driver among Pinterest users. When GWI asked these individuals what makes them more likely to purchase something online, social commerce outscored 14 other options – including financial incentives, customer reviews, free delivery, loyalty points and personalized recommendations.

Clearly, then, according to GWI’s research, buyable pins are likely to resonate extremely strongly with the Pinterest audience and could help to normalize the idea of social commerce in North America.

What does this mean for hospitality? The rise of social commerce as a norm in North America means that within the next couple of years, social media will become more directly connected to bookings than it has been in the past. It is now more important than ever for hoteliers to cultivate a community on social media, because one day soon, channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest could function like OTAs. Hoteliers need to establish their social media communities now to avoid falling behind.

If you’re asking yourself how to get started on Pinterest, we have a guide for that! CLICK HERE to download our free Social Media Action Plan for Hoteliers.

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